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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great way to make huge savings on your telephone costs without a contract. The calls are made over the internet which means everyone can enjoy this versatile and easy way of communicating anywhere in the world.

Our Mobile App

Clocom VoIP Mobile App
Use your Clocom number for inbound and outbound calls straight away by using our mobile app

Using push services, calls are delivered straight to the mobile app whether you're in the building or out 'n' about.
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A business VoIP service packed with features

Voicemail, IVRs, Call Recording and Call Routing, are just some of the capabilities of our VoIP service
Call Recording
Call Recording
Ensure your customers are getting the very best customer service by using our call recording facility
Call Routing
Clever Call Routing
Our portal comes with a call routing wizard so you can route calls wherever and whenever you want
Secure Cloud Hosted PBX
Secure Cloud Hosted PBX
Our latest technology is securely hosted in the cloud. You don't need any hardware
World Wide Calling
Call from anywhere
Use your VoIP number anywhere in the world! No physical location restraints
Port your number to us
Number porting
Need to move your existing number? Absolutely! Call us today on 03333 446677
Voicemailt to email
Voicemail 2 Email
We'll email your voicemails to you so you never miss a call again.

Our unbeatable VoIP call rates

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