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Track your call charges

Understand exactly where your costs are with our easy to use call charges log.

Automated billing

With automated billing, you don't need to worry about keeping up to date with bills. On a set date, we'll collect the due amount automatically from the card on your account.

Cap your account

Don't want nasty bills? Nobody does...

We'll place a 'national averge' cap on your account. When you get close to the cap, we'll check with you to see if you want to increase your limit.

No deposit

Unlike some telephone providers, we wont ask for a deposit before you purchase.

Low call rates

We've checked our call rates against the market. We think you'll like them...

As Standard

Usage Reports

Track your VoIP usage through the usage section of your account.

Number configuration

Customise your number for your very own needs, from number diversions to custom ring groups.

99.999% Uptime

Using load balancers over 3 different sites provides our customers with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVRs gives your business the opporunity to direct your customers and supplier calls to the right team

Cascading multi-tree IVRs gives you even more power to add analytics onto your calls giving you to the power to do analytics on your calls

Call Queues

Manage your customers expectations using call queues. Queues let you define your own SLAs for inbound call answering services.

Play music, ringing or play an audio message as they make their way up the queue until the call's answered.

Want to answer your support calls before you answer a sales call? Not a problem. Queue priority lets you define rules when a call should "jump" the queue.

Call Recording (CR)

Automate call recording on your numbers to give your customer service an extra boost where it's needed.

Use of call recording can reinforce your legal conversation for customer complaint disputes.

On-the-go diverts

Divert your calls to your mobile out of hours so you never miss a call again.

OR, if you don't want a landline phone, divert your Clocom number to another phone number.

OR, if you don't want a phone at all, divert your calls an automated message and we'll automatically email you the voicemail.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking is ideal for marketing campaigns and press releases. Divert multiple numbers to a single phone number and use our reporting to show the number of calls to each of your tracked numbers.

Ideal to understand where your marketing campaigns are most successfull.