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It's simple and easy to get started with our VoIP services. Just pick the area code that you're looking for and choose any from of our selection of numbers

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When can I start making and receiving calls?
Your number is provisioned immediately after purchase, so you can start making and receiving calls straight away.
How do I make calls?
There are three ways to do this; Via our FREE to download mobile application (Simply click "Setup mobile app" once you've completed your purchase), via a SIP enabled desk phone, or via a SIP enabled softphone on your computer
How do I receive calls?
If you're using our mobile app, a softphone, or a SIP enabled desk phone, then you're ready to start receiving calls straight away. Alternatively, you can forward your number to another landline or mobile number via "My Account".
Is there a minimum contract?
No. Cancel your number at anytime.
Is there a setup fee?
No, we don't believe in setup fees.
Can I keep my existing number?
Absolutely. As this process is a little more complex, you can give our team a call on 03333 446677 and we'll get the port arranged for you.
Are there any other charges?
It's just £2.89 per month plus any outbound call charges. Our unbeatable call rates can be viewed here
Will it cost the caller to call my number?
While we don't charge you or the caller for any inbound calls to your number, your callers' carrier may charge them for calling you. They'll need to check with their service provider to find out how much this will be.
Can I check my call usage?
You can view your current usage at anytime by visiting "My Account" on the Clocom website.