Frequently Asked Questions

Web & Email Hosting

How do I set my domain to point to my new hosting space?

You can change where your domain hosting points by changing the “name servers” within your domain control panel. You need to change these name servers to;


We’ve provided links to common domain registrars below that may help you out.

123-reg domain Users
Click here

Fasthost Users
Click here

1and1 Users
Click here

GoDaddy Users
Click here

Please note. The propagation of the name server changes can take between 24-48 hours. We normally see this happen within a few hours for .co.uk domain names.

I have a web developer, how do I give them access to the web space?

You can give your website developer access to your website by adding them as an FTP user in your website account.
Simply login to your account to access your website settings.

I need secure communication for email and my website. What packages support SSL encryption?

All our packages support SSL. Our email communications come with SSL integrated as standard.

If your website needs SSL, we can provide these as an additional value service.

VoIP & Telecoms

Can I divert my phone number(s) to another location, like my mobile?

Yes. Our PSTN (Landline) and VoIP numbers can be diverted to any number of your choice. Calls can also be forwarded to foreign numbers.

I want to block a number from calling me, can I do that?

Yes. Simply drop us a message via email with the phone number that you want to block and what selection of your numbers you want the ban adding to.

Can an inbound call ring multiple phones?

Yes. We provide queues and ring groups that can be used for managing inbound calls.
You can also set time conditions so calls during certain times go to different teams.
Simply drop us a line and we can find the solution for you.

What happens when someone leaves me a voicemail?

On BT Landlines, the standard voicemail service of 1571 can be enabled as a value added service.

On VoIP numbers, voicemail is provided as standard and emailed to your preferred email address. This is applied on a number basis.

Do the voice services support concurrent calling?

Yes. Our VoIP provides concurrent calls as standard.
BT PSTN landlines can support multi-line as an additional value service.

Are the voip numbers suitable for call centre operations?

Our platform is designed to support contact centre operations. For consistant inbound call connections, there is a premium as well as the standard number cost.
If this is your main purpose for obtaining a number, please call us on 03333 446677.